Oxsilver is fast and powerful in detoxification of fruit and vegetables, raw meat, nuts and places that pathogens can be found.


The synergic action of oxygen and silver is safer than the use of alcohol, chemicals or aldehydes and it doesn’t change taste and appearance of treated foods. Spray Oxsilver on a cotton pad and treat face if you have freckles, acne, eczema, fungi. It also works effectively against a wide variety of viruses and bacteria. You can use it after insect or tick bite. Spray it in your ear or nose and prevent inflammation.

Our body contains natural hydrogen peroxide that is an infectious disease fighter and must be present in our immune system so it could function correctly. White blood cells (leukocytes) and their subgroup neutrophils produce hydrogen peroxide as the first defense line against toxins, parasites, viruses and fungi. Silver and hydrogen together have significant germicidal performance even in low concentration; as such do not pose any danger to health according to estimates of EEZ, SZO, and USEPA.

Keep Oxsilver out of children’s reach. Do not expose it to sunlight. Oxsilver loses 10% of its potential a year, because oxygen is naturally liberated.

All texts in this publication are non-binding information intended exclusively for edification of the general population, and they by no means replace the medical diagnosis or treatment of your licensed physician. We sincerely hope that information we provide here contributes to your health, prosperity and well-being. The information listed here is collected from many expert sources as well as publications written by physicians who use magnesium chloride in their therapy.


We don’t know who touched fruit or vegetables before us. We don’t know if some rodent visited these products. Water or detergent can’t detoxify the biofilm pathogen. Products that we don’t want to cook can be very risky to use. Using alcohol, chemicals or aldehydes could change taste and looks of food. Mushrooms, candied fruit and nuts can be contaminated with different microorganisms.

After washing your fruit or vegetables spray them with Oxsilver and wait for several minutes before rinsing them again. If the freshness of a vegetable (for example a cabbage) is lost, wash it with water, spray with Oxsilver and leave it in the fridge for half an hour. Active oxygen will detoxify microorganisms and it will return freshness to the vegetable.

Meat lovers who don’t want to risk and let some bacteria enter organism can use Oxsilver to treat surface of meat they doubt to be contaminated. It is known that antibiotics can’t destroy about 10% of some pathogens from the streptococcus family nor some strains. But the effect of active oxygen in synergy with silver can deactivate them in ten minutes. Taste of food will not be changed after the treatment.

The ones who love healthy food rinse seeds several times during the germination. It is good to spray Oxsilver into water every time. That way we offer oxygen to seeds. Oxygen will make seeds grow better, and at the same time it will destroy bacteria and fungi that can harm germination of seeds. Spray Oxsilver 1 or 2 times into water you use for spraying your seeds. You will see the difference in speed and quality of germination.

You will be very surprised how fast you can clean your face and body. Spray Oxsilver on a cotton pad and clean the area you want. If you feel a burning sensation, be patient or dilute Oxsilver with distilled water. Don’t use your favorite face cream after the treatment; wait till the layer dries naturally.

After washing your hands or body spray your arms or body with Oxsilver or wipe the body with a soaked pad. You can also treat scratches that are not deep. The same goes for insect, bee and tick bite.

Oxsilver is proved to be a very effective tool for these problems. Be persistent and wait for the solution to dry naturally.

Dish cloth, an item that we use very often in the kitchen, can be full with bacteria and viruses at the beginning of use. Squeeze it out well and spray it with Oxsilver in order to remove pathogens. Dish cloth will start to rustle, make bubbles. Oxygen has done its work with a little help of silver. You can spray your cutlery, dishes… with Ox silver. Glass bowls will shine after Oxsilver treatment.

Toilet seat is very similar to the dish cloth in terms of risk. There are different microorganisms in form of microfilms. Preventively spray the toilet seat with Oxsilver and wipe it with toilet paper. The Oxsilver’s action is strong and in synergy with silver. We particularly emphasize the need to use it if children use a toilet seat.

It can be treated when is turned off. Its ‘lungs’ can be full with microorganisms. Oxsilver has proved to be an impressive fighter with much stronger penetration than chlorine based products and similar chemicals.

It is recommended to decontaminate even packed children’s toys, especially when the toys are open. Keep in mind that a colour change can occur (if the toy has a cloth). Keyboards, interior foot wear can also be litter of microfilms.

We shouldn’t underestimate appearance of mold on walls and items. Respiratory track can’t identify low concentration of mold, some mold colonies don’t have smell, so we are often in a dilemma where do allergies and heavy breathing come from. The advantage of the Oxsilver is that it works fast without covering smells. You can be in a room after application with no side effects on respiratory track.

Baths with Oxsilver have the effect of a hyperbaric chamber and costs are much lower. Silver will give improve your health. Oxygen can strengthen the body in every way, both psychologically and physically, and benefits are visible and applicable right away. It is recommended to use these baths when the most serious diseases are present (in this situation oxygen is needed in higher concentration than usual).

Soak your toothbrush in baking soda a little bit, then put your toothpaste on and spray Oxsilver. You can also spray Oxsilver while brushing your teeth. They will be whiter and your mouth will be refreshed.

Soak cotton pad with Oxsilver and treat your armpits. Unpleasant smell of sweat will disappear.

Glasses, windows, windshields will be easily cleaned by Oxsilver.

Pour Oxsilver into the glass or in a radiator humidifier. Oxygen will slowly evaporate. This is the way you can increase the concentration of oxygen in your rooms during the winter.

Your pet’s bed can have mites. Any bedding treated with Oxsilver and left to dry can destroy larvae of mites and similar parasites. The same applies to carpets there is a risk of colour change, so try the treatment in a hidden place first. You can destroy mites with Oxsilver directly on your pet.


Hydrogen peroxide solution 3% Ph. Eur. quality in colloidal silver solution 99.99% purity

• Alcohol
• Smells
• Chlorine
• Aldehydes
• Detergents
• Parabens

Oxsilver belongs to the highest category of 100% bio-degradable organic substances, with no side effects.


Oxsilver – what is that?

Oxsilver is a substance made of 3% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ionized silver water in a covalent bond. Its safety puts it at the very top of natural recourses in a fight against pathogen like viruses, bacteria, fungi, even prions. Most babies begin to use H2O2 right after birth, because breast milk and colostrum contain H2O2. Unfortunately, two or three decades ago this first valuable milk was thrown away… this was irrational because we know that one of its functions is activation and stimulation of the immune system. There are millions of people who unnecessarily suffer not knowing for benefits of H2O2 or are misinformed or are offered products that have numerous contraindications. Hydrogen peroxide is dissolved on water and oxygen. There are no harmful side effects. Of course, instructions on concentration, quantity and method of application should be followed. Hydrogen peroxide can be found in snow, rain-water, saliva, fresh (uncooked) fruit and vegetables.

Food we use it often so contaminated that even long lasting water immersion does not help (the effect of chlorine), alcohol treatment, aldehydes, liquid detergents… Unfortunately, such treatments can significantly affect the structure, taste and safety of food. As if we completely forgot that there is a remedy used two centuries ago, which is in the power of disinfection and what is more important – it is not toxic, not carcinogenic, there are no side effects, it dissolves on water and oxygen. When treated food is given to patients with severe illnesses, it is particularly important to prevent possible occurrence of the pathogen, because the development of such organisms and infections could significantly increase the risk of harming patient’s healing.

Numerous analyzes and tests have shown that hydrogen peroxide act in synergy along with ions of silver, and has better performances and higher speed of action on treated objects if they are together in solution. Food and objects often have biofilms on themselves. It is hard to remove that biofilm layer only with silver water (although it is a layer of nanometer thickness). There is a strong synergy. Hydrogen peroxide dissolves biofilm layer and then ions of silver enter the scene. Decontamination time is considerably shortened without the risk of creating unwanted side effects.