Epsom gel salts

• Breaks down persistent fat deposits and lowers the cortisol levels, a hormone that stores fat and affects the heart.
• Reduces legs and joints swelling
• Reduces swelling of varicose veins in legs
• Cleanses the face of carcinogenic substances in cosmetic products


Epsom salt gel (bath gel) is used as a convenient way of vigorous body detox. Many potential Epsom salt gel consumers simply do not have time to bathe in the bathtub or to have a shower and are deprived of the benefits of Epsom baths, but they can use Epsom salt gel.

The bath gel is one of the most comfortable variants of sulfate ions applications. Consumers who have less time to devote to themselves are now able to apply Epsom salt gel to a warm body immediately after a shower in warm water. Rubbing and massaging combined with lymphatic massage can significantly detoxify our organism in a very short time and even overcome the effects of balneological baths.

• X-rays of body parts
• Mammograms
• Antiperspirant
• Deodorant, hair dye
• Spray, room freshener
• Nicotine, smog, pollen
• Food herbicides

All texts in this publication are non-binding information intended solely to inform and educate the general population and do not in any way replace medical diagnosis or treatment of your licensed physician. We sincerely hope that the information we have provided here contributes to your health, prosperity and well-being. The information provided here has been gathered from many expert sources as well as publications by physicians who use magnesium chloride therapy.


After radioactive radiation of body parts (fractures, mammograms, dental imaging, etc.) in order to prevent radioactive materials from stationing and migrating into the body, you can help your body to detoxify by excretion contamination products because our skin is the main organ for eliminating toxins. In addition to therapeutic baths in Epsom salts, we are also able to use a more comfortable variant with Epsom salt gels.

Soak the gel in a moistened sponge and rub the washed warm body for 5 to 15 minutes. The body will absorb magnesium sulfate ions immediately as in balneological baths. Rinse the body with warm water and pat dry.

If you want to detox from: exposure to heavy metals, carbon compounds (carbon monoxide, smog), insecticides, pesticides, herbicides from food, sprays, deodorants, antiperspirants, if you are exposed to low levels of electromagnetic and ionizing radiation you can occasionally use these methods of detoxification to prevent the organism from contamination. As you rub the gel into a warm body you can sip warm tea or alkalize your body by sipping ½ teaspoon of bicarbonate solution in a glass of warm water. Your experiences will certainly be pleasant.


EPSOM SALTS – Balneological baths
By pouring Epsom salt into warm water, you actually make a thermal mineral bath and you can use its thermal, mineral, inhalation and mechanical effects. Such water quickly passes through the skin bearing minerals that are deposited in the epidermal layer of the skin. The body will absorb these minerals from the epidermal layer in 24 hours. The inhalation of such thermal baths far outweighs the percutaneous absorption that should be used by people with diseased lungs.

The mechanisms of action of these thermal mineral baths are in a form of stimuli transmitted in a neurohumoral way to the organs and systems in the body, producing acetylcholine, histamine, serotonin and other bioactive substances that we need. Epsom bath has special, stimulating effects on mesenchyme (connective tissue). Sulfur ions contained in the form of sulfate ions weaken the allergic reaction and have a keratolytic effect on the skin, which is well known and used by professional cosmeticians.

Lack of sulfur and magnesium can cause nail changes, hair, skin and cartilage quality, which is the basis of degenerative rheumatism. The metabolic effects of such baths lower uric acid levels in gout, lower blood glucose levels, alleviate toxic liver changes, and the osmotic action frees the body of poison when poisoned by heavy metals – through urine and sweat.

The effects of each balneotherapy are based on the chemical, thermal and mineral composition of water. For millennia, Epsom salts have been in lakes, spas that we could not use, but now we are able to make the desired mineral concentrations from these natural minerals easily even with shock doses.

By finding an adequate relationship between the dose of natural factors and the general reactivity of our organism, we can improve the range of joint movements, reduce spasms, psychophysical release and relaxation, reduce pain and improve circulation.

After the treatment (5 to 15 minutes) just rinse your body without shampooing.