More than 90% of people have a deficiency of magnesium. Here’s the easiest way not to be among them!


If you want to detoxify yourself from: exposure to heavy metals, carbon compounds (carbon monoxide, smog), …


It speeds the healing of wounds, burns, and muscle injuries. It is also effective for tissue damage caused by…

  • Shirko Oxsilver Mini

    Oxsilver *mini*

    Fast and safe hand and body hygiene with long lasting effects!

    It works effectively against a wide variety of bacteria and fungi: it provides maximum hygiene in the absence of water and soap. Ideal for traveling, in hospitals, schools, offices, nature, etc. Spray yourself a few times and dry it. It is not resistant, it can be used daily.

  • Shirko Magnezijum ulje

    Magnesium oil

    Apply a spray of magnesium oil to the skin. To alleviate the pain, rub the oil into the painful region and you will feel relieved soon. Half an hour after the application rinse the treated region. Magnesium oil massages speed up the rejuvenation process (renewing old cells with new ones).

  • Shirko Akivni kiseonik


    Multi-purpose product for disinfection of objects that comes into contact with babies and toddlers. Suitable for age 0+

  • Shirko Gel za kupanje epsom

    Epsom gel salts

    • Breaks down persistent fat deposits and lowers the cortisol levels, a hormone that stores fat and affects the heart.
    • Reduces legs and joints swelling
    • Reduces swelling of varicose veins in legs
    • Cleanses the face of carcinogenic substances in cosmetic products

  • Shirko Epsom So Za Kupanje

    Epsom salts

    Clean the body of toxins caused by pesticides in food, X-rays, antiperspirants, medicines. Detoxify the face, body and get rid of hemorrhoids, joint swelling and rheumatism, improve concentration and sleep. Provide your body with more energy and freshness.

  • Shirko Oxsilver


    Oxsilver is fast and powerful in detoxification of fruit and vegetables, raw meat, nuts and places that pathogens can be found.

  • Shirko Lek protiv bolova


    It speeds the healing of wounds, burns, and muscle injuries. It is also effective for tissue damage caused by chemotherapy, fungal infection and abnormally high blood pressure.

  • Shirko Mg Hlorid Gel

    Mg chloride gel

    More than 90% of people have magnesium deficiency. Here’s the way to not be among them! Mg chloride gel is a natural mineral that helps with neck and back pain, joint stiffness and muscle inflammation.



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